Listening ears…

The other day, I got on the bus at Southgate and sat at the back next to a Jamaican couple.  En route, I couldn’t help but overhear bits of their conversation; not only because I love the Patois accent but they were rather loud and I have sensitive ears.  He was upset about something and proceeded to narrate the event and his reaction to it.  She gently coaxed and cajoled him; which I observed caused him to open up and express his feelings on the matter.  He spoke from a defensive position and his desire for justice because he felt he had been misconceived.  Through this all, she listened and interjected regularly to encourage his outpour.  He later held her tight and kissed her; they continued cracking jokes and talking about their plans for the day.  I thought about this experience all through the evening and realized the power of this connection.  I believe words are important, so is communication; more so, the freedom to express thoughts and views without being judged is priceless.  Just like everyone needs a shoulder to cry on, everyone needs an ear that will simply listen.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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